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The Return

Well, hello blog! (And the few people that still read this.) The title is a tad dramatic, but I am going to dip my toe back into the blogging pool for a bit, see how it goes, see if I have anything to say.

An update about what has happened over the last year would take too much time, nostalgia, and general angst, so I’m going to skip that, and take that part in pieces.

I think for now, I will just pick up where I left off, with book reviews, recipes, the occasional DC themed post, and other such things as I feel like writing about them.

So for now, hello again!

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New look

While I know a lot of you read my blog through Bloglines or some other feed website, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and go to the actual page in order to see my new layout!

My last layout had a custom header of the island I go to in Maine, and while I love it, I like this layout for the blog better. I can put in a custom header in this one as well, but then I saw the default which are these lovely old books and I thought it was appropriate for this blog. BUT if my tiny readership has a strong opinion I will put the custom header back up.

Let me know!

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To start the week off right, I have decided to do a weekly post series called “Small Wonders,” a corny title that is meant to celebrate the mundane things in life that often make us happy but go unnoticed. I am going to be trying out a few weekly post ideas, and this may or may not stick around, so let me know if you think it is a)utterly stupid or b)slightly interesting and worth another try.

Today’s small wonder is….Trader Joe’s!

I did my first full grocery shop at Trader Joe’s today, and I can’t even tell you how great it was. I must admit that Melanie, my roommate, had been trying to tell me how great Trader Joe’s was for a few weeks now, but I didn’t believe her. See in Connecticut, Trader Joe’s is not a very big thing, and in fact the only Trader Joe’s I knew of was out by the mall, pretty small, and lacking a produce section. I didn’t see how one could do all their grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, because I like fruits and veggies and don’t feel like cutting them out of my diet! But I met up with Melanie at the Trader Joe’s in Washington, DC and we definitely hit the jackpot.

Although I know that this has the potential to devolve into Trader Joe’s commercial, it is important to remember why this is being written about in the first place. As most of you recent college graduates know, quality food for little money is the holy grail of city living. So be it in restaurant or grocery form, good cheap food is something that is always worth writing about. Personally I would recommend stocking up on Trader Joe’s sauces (until you have the time/energy to make your own), the crispy orange chicken in the frozen section is a great “lazy night” meal, and I would also urge you to try their veggies which are so much cheaper than a normal grocery store!

Go forth to Trader Joe’s, and that’s your small wonder for this week!

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I’m baaack

Well, it’s been a while, but I’m back. September books will happen soon, before the end of September, and I apologize if any of my tiny readership missed August books, August was a busy month! I have finally moved into my apartment, and if it is possible to be in love with three rooms, I am. But mostly my work has kept me very busy and the rest of the time I have been either traveling to home or the island, and while it was wonderful, I’m taking September to recuperate!

Anyways, so this marks the beginning of my return to blogging, but I wouldn’t expect anything too different from before, the same old book recommendations, funny political stories and perhaps the occasionally ridiculous story about a celebrity. Okay, back to it!

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