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With the introduction of Google Reader into my daily Internet habits, I’ve been keeping tabs on a few more blogs than normal. Those who know me know that I am prone to sending around articles and other reading materials, and really, blogs are no different! I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorites. They may not know that they are my favorites, but they are about to find out. It’s a mix of established blogs (ie people who blog for a living) and other friends and random connections.

Marc Ambinder – After my stint in campaign world came to an end, I needed a break from 2008 politics. A long and sustained hiatus. But of course, as political junkies know, it is hard to go cold turkey. My two week vacation helped, along with some internet boycotting. These days, Marc Ambinder is the only person I read who writes about the 2008 race, aside from the occasional NYTimes story. He is thoughtful, smart, and doesn’t get bogged down in the non-stories of politics.

TheBarnstorming – This blog was introduced to me by a Williams friend, and being an Eph myself, I like to plug the efforts of other former residents of the Purple Valley. But in addition to being Williams alums, these two are hilarious and quite inspiring. They write and illustrate books (I’m about to subscribe!) and he writes this blog, which makes me laugh out loud at least once a day, which is always a good thing! Witty and entertaining, this one is a blogroll must if you like books, babies, and barns.

Daniel Drezner – Another Eph, see a theme? Daniel Drezner is a political scientist professor who has some of the best writing on American foreign policy. Since this was my “concentration” in college, I’m particularly interested in what he writes. This blog is good paired with Useless Tree and Abu Aardvark, two of my former professors at Williams which might appear in future Blog Watching episodes.

60 second books – Gotta plug my brother’s blog, both for the excellent mini book reviews and for the stellar writing. Go check it out, you’ll get addicted to the snappy prose and good book recommendations!

That’s all for this edition of Blog Watching. If you have any great blogs that you love to read, leave them in the comments, I am always looking for more!

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The Midterms

The news, the blogs, the Democratic glee is enough to tell you that I am a happy happy girl this week. Last night was insane, I couldn’t believe it as those House pickups rolled in, so many surprises that no one predicted(only hoped!) that the Democrats would pick up.

The Senate exceeded everything we could have hoped for. End of story. I am so happy that Claire McCaskill, Jim Webb, Jon Tester, Sheldon Whitehouse, Sherrod Brown, Amy Klobuchar and Bob Casey will be Senators!! I am especially thrilled that McCaskill and Klobuchar will be Senators, because that means two new woman Senators plus the first ever female Speaker. Imagine she is 3rd in line to the Presidency, after Cheney!

I don’t want to add needlessly to the chorus of coverage and Dem happiness and all that, but I can say that today was a pretty wonderful day to be a Democrat. It is so good to see the American people recognize the need for real change, after 12 long years of bickering, back-handed tactics, and the turning away from honest debate it is finally time for a change.


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I know I don’t usually do the celeb gossip thing, but this article made me laugh so hard this morning that I cried and then my co-worker asked me if I had a black eye because my mascara ran. Yes, that is how hard I laughed.

K-Fed takes on the Mint


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It looks like my last post was pretty accurate, I will be moving to Washington DC! I start my job on Wednesday. For a variety of reasons I’m not going to talk about my job on this blog, only that I am thrilled with what I will be doing and I will be working in politics.


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