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Today I did relatively nothing. Well, that is I actually woke up early (10:30) to watch Face the Nation, then drank coffee and sat around until the World Cup final was going to start.


Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, onto the rest of the day. Needless to say watching the Italians kick some French butt was pretty satisfying, and then I watched a recap of the Tour de France and was immensely saddened by the doping scandal currently ripping the Tour apart, it’s just not the same without Lance. I fell asleep for a bit during the game, during the first 15min OT section, and woke up just in time to see the PKs. I couldn’t believe the head butt replay, Zidane’s temper really got away from him!

But mostly I just sat and thought a lot about what I thought about all weekend, the task of ever creating a community as wonderful as my Williams one, and the probability that it will take quite a long time. Over the past month I’ve been consumed by my new schedule, city living, and the newness of my job. But this weekend was the first time I paused and really missed my friends and family. Of course there are fixes to this problem, in the form of plane visits, phone calls, and creating a new community here, but I still missed everyone just the same.

So to take my mind off the humidity, my friends and the stress of the apartment search, I thought I would cook to cheer myself up. I went to the supermarket and got the makings of a nice pasta dish which I proceeded to use to almost burn the house down. I know, file this under 100% stupid, but I blame the humidity and of course my super busy day. What happened was, in my hurry to stop cooking over the hot stove, I went into the other room with my pasta and left the stove on!! With the pot over it, with pasta and chicken and mushrooms and sauce still in the pot. I was amazed when I came back, almost 35 mins later, that the whole kitchen wasn’t in flames and that everything (except my leftovers) was intact.

Now you might wonder why I choose to actually share this information (my roommates didn’t notice, I could have escaped undiscovered) and I think I choose to share it because it shows that even someone normally pretty responsible about these things can allow the stress, the heat, and the loneliness to affect their most basic functions, the ones that tell them that it is NOT okay to leave the stove on with a pot on top of it!

The moral of my story is, always buy non-burn, non-stick pots and don’t cook when you’re stressed.

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