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With the introduction of Google Reader into my daily Internet habits, I’ve been keeping tabs on a few more blogs than normal. Those who know me know that I am prone to sending around articles and other reading materials, and really, blogs are no different! I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorites. They may not know that they are my favorites, but they are about to find out. It’s a mix of established blogs (ie people who blog for a living) and other friends and random connections.

Marc Ambinder – After my stint in campaign world came to an end, I needed a break from 2008 politics. A long and sustained hiatus. But of course, as political junkies know, it is hard to go cold turkey. My two week vacation helped, along with some internet boycotting. These days, Marc Ambinder is the only person I read who writes about the 2008 race, aside from the occasional NYTimes story. He is thoughtful, smart, and doesn’t get bogged down in the non-stories of politics.

TheBarnstorming – This blog was introduced to me by a Williams friend, and being an Eph myself, I like to plug the efforts of other former residents of the Purple Valley. But in addition to being Williams alums, these two are hilarious and quite inspiring. They write and illustrate books (I’m about to subscribe!) and he writes this blog, which makes me laugh out loud at least once a day, which is always a good thing! Witty and entertaining, this one is a blogroll must if you like books, babies, and barns.

Daniel Drezner – Another Eph, see a theme? Daniel Drezner is a political scientist professor who has some of the best writing on American foreign policy. Since this was my “concentration” in college, I’m particularly interested in what he writes. This blog is good paired with Useless Tree and Abu Aardvark, two of my former professors at Williams which might appear in future Blog Watching episodes.

60 second books – Gotta plug my brother’s blog, both for the excellent mini book reviews and for the stellar writing. Go check it out, you’ll get addicted to the snappy prose and good book recommendations!

That’s all for this edition of Blog Watching. If you have any great blogs that you love to read, leave them in the comments, I am always looking for more!

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Heading Home

I’m heading home this weekend for what will surely be the last three day weekend I have in a long while. No complaints from me since I do love my job, but I am looking forward to hanging out with my family, reading books, taking the dog for a walk and sleeping in for this one last long weekend. I don’t technically have any vacation time anymore, so I’ll take what I can get!

When I come back, I should even have some recommendations for February books, although I know I skipped January, I just finished a very powerful book that hopefully should provide for a good post.

This weekend I will also get to see my brother, who I have not seen since he set off for 5 weeks in New Delhi, India. I am so excited to hear all about his trip, see his photos and dream about my own trip to India someday. We have good family friends who live there and it would be amazing to finally be able to go see them.

Meanwhile here in DC, it seems like the Connecticut Yankee in me grows strongest when this city shuts down for some slush and a little bit of rain! I have stopped counting the number of times my friend (who teaches in the VA suburbs) has used the “googlychatter” (Thank you Amanda!) and told me that she is not at school and that they either have a delay or a snow day. Lovely for the teachers, hard on the parents, and utterly unfair for those of us who grew up in New England where even if there was four feet you went!

So I shall head northward and rejoin my fellow winterpeople and also dream about the fact that an early spring in DC will be lovely.

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Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas Day, and I hope everyone is happy and eating as well as I am! It has been wonderful to be back in the home state, not having to cook and sleeping late. I sort of had an accidental vacation coup this year, and I’ll actually be off until after New Year’s, I doubt every year will be this wonderful! But I have lots of new things to try when I do get back to DC, especially with my brand new Cuisinart! I didn’t think I was a good enough cook to own a food processor, but I am so excited to have one that I daresay there will be some new smells in my apartment.

Home is wonderful and Boston is on the horizon, I am happy and hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas!

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An Attitude of Gratitude

The title is another family saying, much like “most of your worries won’t happen,” that I have been feeling especially lately. Don’t worry, I won’t get too sappy but suffice say I am feeling very grateful right now that my family and friends are healthy, happy and helping me through this crazy thing called life.

So that’s my holiday motto and I’m looking forward to having an “attitude of gratitude” going into the New Year!

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There are few things to me that are more relaxing or enjoyable than baking. I had a wonderful time on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend making cookies (oatmeal choclate chip) listening to music and hanging out wiht my puppy dog while my family went on various walks and hikes. I probably should have joined them, but I needed the peace of the kitchen and a little cookie dough. Now normally I wouldn’t blog about baking but when I was walking to work this morning I listened to the latest installment of This I Believe.

This I Believe is a program done by NPR which asks people to submit their essays on a core or the core belief of their lives. This week was a woman named Emily Smith who believes in the power of baking as the foundation of how she wants to live her life. Her story is exactly how I feel about baking, so you should definitely read it, because she says it far better and more eloquently than I could. I think it is one of the biggest reasons that I love Thanksgiving, and Christmas too, is all the baking I get to do!

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Life just keeps going these days, one hot sticky working day to the next. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been good days, in fact there has been a lot happening that is pretty exciting. But i can’t help feel as though there has been a lack of any time to decompress, it’s as if I rushed so fast into the next thing, I actually didn’t have a transition! For those who know me, this might indeed be the best way of going about things, but I still can’t help feel that the next stage creeped up on me and hit me over the head, instead of happening gradually.

Work continues to go well, and there are a lot of exciting things that happen each day, something I feel very grateful for. The newness each day, and the variety, is what really keeps me interested. My dad is coming down to DC for a meeting next week, I can’t wait! It will be strange and good to have him see me in my new environment, it will be quite a shift from what he knows of me as a student! I’m very much looking forward to seeing him, and then Maine in roughly 3 weeks!

Okay, well this missive seems to have devolved into a ramble without a point, so with that, I will head to bed and continue to think about transitioning, or the lack thereof.

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