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I am looking forward to the long weekend this weekend, you never realize how much you miss federal holidays until you have a year of not having them off! I don’t have that much planned, brunch with a friend to discuss our mutual “quarter-life career crisis” and then going to see this sculpture before it’s taken away to somewhere in Maryland. I’ll post some photos, it’s very cool and unique.

Other than that, I’d like to pick something new to bake (maybe even a pie?), finish my book, and then my roommate and I are going to take an outdoor field trip on Sunday, provided it doesn’t rain.

Some interesting articles I read this week:

The Bell Master of Notre Dame – A look inside the famous bells, and the man who makes them toll

Kiss the Ring – The story of how Rahm Emmanuel won the 2006 midterms (even if you don’t like politics, it’s fascinating!)

Uno is Best in Show – A very cute beagle wins Best in Show at Westminster

An Unsolved Mystery – Murder and the case of the firings of the U.S. Attorneys

Feel free to take them or leave them, but it’s what I was reading this week (even though some of the articles are from months ago) and I thought I’d share.

Have a great weekend!

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An Attitude of Gratitude

The title is another family saying, much like “most of your worries won’t happen,” that I have been feeling especially lately. Don’t worry, I won’t get too sappy but suffice say I am feeling very grateful right now that my family and friends are healthy, happy and helping me through this crazy thing called life.

So that’s my holiday motto and I’m looking forward to having an “attitude of gratitude” going into the New Year!

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I am in fact alive, and I now have internet at home, which means I can post again.

More soon.

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It looks like my last post was pretty accurate, I will be moving to Washington DC! I start my job on Wednesday. For a variety of reasons I’m not going to talk about my job on this blog, only that I am thrilled with what I will be doing and I will be working in politics.


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