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Royal icing

This weekend I took my first crack at homemade sugar cookies with royal icing. My goal was to make these cookies look as similar to those in the Williamstown coffee shop as possible, and while I don’t know that I was completely successful in looks, the feedback at the office and from my roommate was very positive as far as taste! It took me a while to figure out which recipe to use, and I settled on the “rich roll cookies” from Joy of Cooking. For the icing, I used a modified royal icing recipe from a baker on this website. The best thing about the cookie recipe is the almond extract, I have made sugar cookies before with vanilla extract, but this was so much better.

Laid out on the cookie sheet, (as you can see, these were my more decorationally challenged cookies!)


Packed up for the office


All in all I highly recommend the recipes I used, with the exception of the dough being a little hard to roll at times (hint: chill for more or less time depending on the coolness of your fridge), and they were very fun to make. I think as I repeat the recipe and get better at rolled cookies they will be less time intensive.

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Snow day!

This never happens. My office never closes for snow! The rest of the DC area might go into freezing rain induced paralysis with one drop of precipitation, but we stay strong (like good New Englanders) and go into the office. Except for today!

One of the reasons I love snow days is that they are usually unexpected, and it gives you time to do all those things that you don’t usually have time to do. today I am going to pick a new knitting project, work on cleaning out the clutter in my room, do laundry, and a variety of other apartment things.

Okay, off to snow day things!

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Yesterday I went to Hains Point, in East Potomac Park, to see “The Awakening”, before it gets moved to a park in Prince George’s County. My friend and I wanted to see it one last time, and it was a beautiful and sunny day for being outside. The sculpture always makes me think the poor guy is drowning, and it’s funny to me that they want to move it away from the water. It’s a hard piece to get a sense of in photos, but I’ll see if these help…


There is a head, foot, hand, knee/thigh, and outstretched arm.


He doesn’t look too pleased! Below you can see the hand and the arm going towards eachother


All in all, a very cool sculpture that we will miss! One bonus of the day, the discovery of a miniature golf course in Potomac Park…I think we’ll be going back come warmer weather!

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I am looking forward to the long weekend this weekend, you never realize how much you miss federal holidays until you have a year of not having them off! I don’t have that much planned, brunch with a friend to discuss our mutual “quarter-life career crisis” and then going to see this sculpture before it’s taken away to somewhere in Maryland. I’ll post some photos, it’s very cool and unique.

Other than that, I’d like to pick something new to bake (maybe even a pie?), finish my book, and then my roommate and I are going to take an outdoor field trip on Sunday, provided it doesn’t rain.

Some interesting articles I read this week:

The Bell Master of Notre Dame – A look inside the famous bells, and the man who makes them toll

Kiss the Ring – The story of how Rahm Emmanuel won the 2006 midterms (even if you don’t like politics, it’s fascinating!)

Uno is Best in Show – A very cute beagle wins Best in Show at Westminster

An Unsolved Mystery – Murder and the case of the firings of the U.S. Attorneys

Feel free to take them or leave them, but it’s what I was reading this week (even though some of the articles are from months ago) and I thought I’d share.

Have a great weekend!

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The Return

Well, hello blog! (And the few people that still read this.) The title is a tad dramatic, but I am going to dip my toe back into the blogging pool for a bit, see how it goes, see if I have anything to say.

An update about what has happened over the last year would take too much time, nostalgia, and general angst, so I’m going to skip that, and take that part in pieces.

I think for now, I will just pick up where I left off, with book reviews, recipes, the occasional DC themed post, and other such things as I feel like writing about them.

So for now, hello again!

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